Recover Pictures

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Recover photos from Android

Android stands for a robot with human appearance. Android is a Linux based Operating System built specially for SmartPhones and tablets. It is an open source paving way for the development of creative applications on it. Google has released more than 600,000 apps for android device. The apps are being developed still and android is becoming better day by day. If you are a tech savvy and you get bored with the same old apps on other phones then Android is the best choice for you. It keeps you busy and entertained. It takes really a huge time to discover the apps on Android.

The data loss is common on the Android phones. As many new apps will be introduced for Android users, they suffer with data loss when they mishandle the Android device. You may end up deleting the files on the Android phone or tablet accidentally. If the files which are lost are your personal files like some of the important pictures with your family or friends then you will not fine it anywhere else. You start panicking at the loss of your cherished photos. Do not worry, as the pictures can be recovered. You need recovery software to retrieve photos from Android device. Picture recovery software is one of the recommended recovery software for Android devices.

Some of the scenarios on which photos get deleted from Android:

Improper removal of memory card: The memory card should be ejected properly from the Android device. Abrupt removal of the card from the device causes data loss. If you remove the memory card immediately after clicking some pictures from the device then you may lose the pictures. This happens because you would have removed the card when the photos are still being written to the memory.

Accidental formatting: When you format, the files on the device will be lost forever. It happens that you format the Android device accidentally sometimes. If you had any important photos in the Android device then you will lose those pictures. In such situation, if you are thinking how to recover photos from Android then it is possible using recovery software. You need proper recovery software to recover accidentally deleted photos from Android.

Operating System corruption: The Operating System may get corrupted due to improper handling of the Android device. When OS gets corrupted, the access to any of the data on the device is not possible. As a result, you will lose the access to the photos which were very important to you. In such situation, you need recovery software to recover photos from Android.

Deletion by third party tool : The photos on the Android device may not be recognized by the anti-virus program on the computer when it is connected to the computer. Then the anti-virus may delete the photos from Android. In such situation, you need recovery software to get back photos deleted. Picture recovery software helps to recover photos from Android effectively.

Advantageous features of picture recovery software:

Picture recovery software recovers all the photos on the Android device. It can recover photos of different file types, music files and videos from Android. The software has simple user interface to recover the files on Android easily. It scans for the files on both internal and external memory. It uses memory cards like SD cards as external memory for the data storage. There is a different build of the software for recovery of photos from other storage drives on Windows. Hence enabling you to recover photos from CF card(, xD card, Memory Stick, flash drives, etc. The software requires minimal space to install the picture recovery software. The software provides you the option for saving the recovery session to avoid rescanning. You can even recover pictures from formatted digital camera. The software supports different digital camera brands like Sony, Lexar, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, etc. Check Here for more  

Know how to recover photos from Android using picture recovery software:

Step 1: Download and install picture recovery software on Windows OS based computer. Launch the software and plug in the Android device to the computer. Select "Recover Deleted Files" option from the main page of the software.

Recover Photos from Android - Main Screen

Figure a: Welcome Screen

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008


Step 2: Select the Android device and click "Next" to scan for the deleted photos from the device. You can scan for all the files on Android or for the particular file type.

Recover Photos from Android - Logical Drives

Figure b: Drives

Step 3: After scanning, the photo files will be listed as shown in below figure.

Recover Photos from Android - Data View

Figure c: Recovered Files

Step 4: Preview the photos and save them on the computer. If you are using the trial version of the software then you need to activate the software by purchasing it, to save the files.

Recover Photos from Android - File Preview

Figure d: Photo File Preview

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008